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Lumen Beltran


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"LUMEN" (Latin for light):

Charming, playful, and

always lightens the mood!

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Meet Lumen

Your cute comic relief solution

Hi! My name is Lumen. I’m a Filipina-Canadian actress based in Vancouver. As a first-generation immigrant, I learned at an early age that laughter is a universal form of communication. Since film and TV shows incorporate music, fashion, and other elements that transcend language barriers, they're powerful mediums I can use to share experiences with others. That’s why I’m an actress – to cultivate empathy so we can be kinder to each other!

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How to make a

Lumen Beltran

2 cups of Eva Noblezada’s charm

1 cup of Awkwafina's confidence

A splash of Mindy Kaling's wit

*Blend and serve with pineapple garnish for a tropical treat!

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